We are changing the way crowdfunding is done.
And you are invited to be a part of this revolution.

Across the board, on all crowdfunding websites, more than 90% of rewards-based crowdfunding projects fail to meet their fundraising goals. A large percentage of crowdfunding campaigns raise no money at all. At ClickStartMe, we are going to change that. We have a new philosophy, based upon our expertise.

We are going to help you crowdfund. But, we are only going to help people who are willing to follow our philosophy, and who meet our criteria.

If we select your project to be published on our site, we will create it with you and optimize it to give you the best chance of success. If you follow through on the steps we require, we will also become your promotional partner and help promote your project through the media, press releases, and by reaching out to our tens of thousands of followers and users. We will work with you, hands on, to make your project successful.

But this is a two-way street. We need you to do your part.

If you want to apply to have your crowdfunding project on ClickStartMe, fill out this form. We will get back to you soon, and if you are selected, you will have my personal help and the help of my team, to make your funding dream come true.

Kendall Almerico
ClickStartMe CEO & Crowdfunding Expert

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Pledged of $10,000 Goal
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